Xavier Knight – ‘Life is Multiplied’

The Challenge

Consulting Engineers Xavier Knight combine the capabilities of a Tier 1 consultancy with a dynamic, proactive approach to collaboration and design.

Toast’s challenge was to bring new life to Xavier Knight’s brand identity. The brand’s positioning had to emphasise their uniquely people-centric, progressive values, whilst reflecting their professionalism and credibility.

This positioning would be launched through a 30 second impact video at a UDIA industry event, and further established through collateral including website, capability statement and tendering document.

Our Solution:

Toast’s interview and brand audit process uncovered a clear insight: that Xavier Knight’s core purpose was ‘to enrich life and the world we live in’.

This insight, coupled with the firm’s ‘X’ brandmark, inspired our Big Idea ‘Life is Multiplied’. This statement reflects Xavier Knight’s intentions to enrich lives and amplify outcomes.

This idea was brought to life in an attention-grabbing 30 second impact video, using the ‘X’ as a multiplication symbol in a series of brand claims.

The entire suite of collateral, from website to official documentation, builds upon this idea.

A predominantly black and white palette maintains professionalism and consistency with prior brand positioning. However, people-centric imagery, strategic hero messaging and splashes of colour ensure that the brand is given a sense of life and vitality.

Toast has enjoyed creating a brand identity that gives justice to Xavier Knight’s unique, people-centric positioning.