WWF-Australia – Renewable Recovery

The Challenge:

In response to the twin crises of the 2019/2020 bushfires and the COVID-19 pandemic, WWF-Australia proposed a Renewable Recovery stimulus package.

Toast’s challenge was to convince key decision-makers that a clean energy stimulus was the best way to accelerate Australia’s economic recovery. The campaign required bipartisan appeal in order to change the minds of detractors and secure our nation’s future.

Our Solution:

WWF-Australia planned a print-driven advocacy campaign, with the centrepiece being a ‘wrap’ of the Canberra edition of The Australian masthead.

Toast’s strategy was to take a unique, disruptive approach to renewables communication. Rather than advocating the environmental benefits of this stimulus, the key advantages were framed as being the job creation and return on investment outcomes.

The campaign’s seemingly anti-renewables hook ‘Clean Energy is Not the Future…’ and black & white colour scheme draw the attention of audiences, before subverting their expectations and emphasising the campaign’s true positioning – ‘it’s the NOW!’

The campaign’s imagery is dominated by close-ups of the everyday Australians driving the clean energy movement. The people-centric focus gives emotional weight to the campaign’s economic rationale.

The ‘wrap’ of The Australian distils the dense, technical text contained within WWF-Australia’s reports into its most concise and interesting form, including infographics, quotes, and key stats.

The Outcome:

Toast’s strategic communications helped WWF-Australia’s advocacy campaign to win the attention of Federal and State Government policymakers. The organisation received numerous invitations to discuss its proposed stimulus after the launch of its media campaign.

These meetings created tangible outcomes. These include a federal commitment to invest over $140 million in a hydrogen export hub, renewable and battery storage microgrids, and programs to support community organisations lower their energy bills.

Toast is immensely proud to have created a creative, impactful campaign on behalf of an organisation seeking to create a better present and future for all Australians.