Sekisui House – Sanctuary

Sanctuary is Sekisui House’s exciting new masterplanned community located in Wentworth Point, adjacent to Parramatta River and Sydney Olympic Park.

Comprised of approximately 2,400 residences and mixed-use amenities designed by award-winning architects Turner Studios, Sanctuary is an oasis of wide open spaces encompassing all states of being: play, reflection, energy and sustainability.

Through an extensive planning phase with the Sekisui House team, Toast developed Sanctuary as a distillation of the concept of satoyama – harmony between the built environment and nature. At its heart, Satoyama is built on a deep respect for the power of natural surroundings. A built community can live harmoniously with nature when we consider first how the development will fit into the local environment – not the other way around. Rising from a confluence of river, wetlands, and parklands, Sanctuary has been carefully crafted to bring its residents to the natural world, and not separate them.

Toast has collaborated with the team from Sekisui House from the outset of the project providing expert support from strategy and naming, through to branding, marketing, social media, and consultancy services. With an expected project delivery timeline of eight to ten years, Sanctuary is set to be one of Sekisui House’s most celebrated Australian residential developments.

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