Luxcon – ‘Of the World’

The Challenge

Luxcon is a luxury property developer with a reputation for delivering sophisticated residential projects.

However, Luxcon’s original brand didn’t reflect the crafted, refined nature of the developer itself.

Toast’s challenge was to create a brand identity that conveys Luxcon’s worldly, visionary perspective, demonstrating the developer’s commitment to bringing international style to Australian shores.

Our Solution

Toast’s immersion into the business uncovered the developer’s deep commitment to crafting projects that are inspired by diverse, sophisticated cultural influences.

This insight brought about the brand’s Big Idea: ‘Of the World’.

This positioning was brought to life by a logo and visual look & feel featuring design elements that are timeless symbols of style and class.

Toast then crafted an online brand experience that embarked target audiences on a journey into Luxcon’s world. The developer’s website is a strong statement that is focussed on their specific target audiences and is geared toward acquiring not just customers, but loyal advocates.