Healthy Habits

Toast was called upon to create a striking, friendly brand for food outlet Healthy Habits. With the brief stating that the brand needed to be non-gender specific, yet stand out in a sea of lunchtime options, toast set the focus on building a habit. A learned behaviour that people repeat because the action is easy, comfortable or rewarding. The Cre8 concept needed to differentiate from competitors, which Toast did in a customer focused way, using ‘habits’ to own key moments in a customer’s daily and weekly routines. By naming these moments, Toast was able to create an emotional attachment to both the brand and range of products.

Toast developed a new logo and brand identity for Healthy Habits, a suite of point of sale and product packaging and a store design. The Healthy Habits brand needed to include an element of playfulness, which Toast achieved in promoting the colour and illustrated typeface for the brand. Employing this clean yet playful aesthetic creates a friendly presence without being gender specific or exclusive.