Operating since 1976, Cabcharge has long been the dominant player in Australia’s personal transport market.

Over the years, however, the iconic company has become so much more than simply a transport provider, developing a range of class-leading innovations in the broader fields of payment solutions and communication platforms.

With this diversification of product offerings in mind, combined with recent seismic shifts in the makeup of the personal transport sector, Cabcharge saw the need to retool and rebrand to strengthen their core value propositions and put themselves in a position to continue their sustained growth long into the future.

Cabcharge’s challenge, and hence Toast’s, was sizeable – to respect the heritage of the legacy brand whilst ensuring they were properly equipped to face the future head-on.

Maintaining this delicate balancing act was a task that Toast refused to take lightly, and what followed was an in-depth process of investigation and evaluation. Weighing the input of key stakeholders against critical external market factors, we aimed to craft for Cabcharge a brand that that encompassed everything that Cabcharge could offer and, equally as importantly, everything that they stood for.

We understand better than most that a company is defined by its people, and this guided our approach from start to finish. Working closely with senior executives at Cabcharge, our work was a collaborative process at all stages, guaranteeing that what we accomplished met, and indeed exceeded, the explicit goals and expectations of our client.

Within the very first weeks of the project, Toast was integrally involved in proposing to Cabcharge’s CEO the drastic recommendation of renaming the master-brand in order to better reflect the vast changes that have occurred within both Cabcharge and indeed the wider world itself. Such an impactful adjustment required the buy-in of stakeholders from the ground up, and Toast played a substantial role in the development and presentation of the case for change.

The result? Widespread approval of the proposal and the consequential transformation of ‘Cabcharge’ into the new master entity ‘A2B’.

As an ASX500 listed company, playing such a crucial role in A2B’s evolution was a significant accomplishment for Toast and the results we achieved proved that our capabilities and processes can seamlessly be applied to market-leading, heritage brands.

Being a boutique creative agency gives our partners and clients the assurance that they’ll be collaborating with our leadership team directly, and not be delegated to lower level management as often happens when working with corporate agencies.

This streamlines the creative process and guarantees that the highest level of attention and analysis is given to projects at hand.

Overall, the project’s success is represented well by our reimagined A2B logo – the typeface pays homage to Cabcharge’s origins, whilst symbolising A2B’s overarching goal to help its customers get wherever they need to go.

And that’s what this project was all about. Finding a way to concisely yet emotively convey A2B’s core mission of taking its customers to where they need to be, whilst helping take A2B themselves where they were required to be – to the forefront of innovation, ready for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.