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The topic via out this publication is my campaign to advertise spirituality and denounce atheism! by means of Devine intervention and a proposed "Holy Grail Equation of Physics" I turn out that spontaneous life is very unlikely. , i might wakeful usually to artistic ideas that may convey me to my station to write down notes of a Grand unique layout (G.O.D.). The observable universe is created, it's not spontaneous as a few atheistic physicist might have you ever to think. production trumps spontaneity. i've got collected and unmasked innovations (here to fore) that experience by no means been articulated. Physicist Michio Kaku and others ask in a video (How the universe Works)…
What used to be there sooner than the large bang?
What banged?
Where did it bang?
When did it bang?
Why did it bang?
Who banged it'?
"I need to know God's strategies; the remainder are details."—Albert Einstein
My solutions are as follows;
I. What was once earlier than the massive Bang?-infinite singularities
II. What banged? -two singularities
III. the place did it bang? -in the guts of our universe
IV. whilst did it bang? - the 1st Planck tic of time
V. Why?-so Souls can have a spot to make choices
VI. Who?-God, the writer of the Grand unique layout (G.O.D.)
I don't need to get into the “weeds” with the complexity of the topic. I built all techniques with highschool arithmetic and uncomplicated quantum and relativity principals.
What i want is to have readers purchase into my view of the idea of every little thing via divine intervention and aid get the observe out for a paradigm shift clear of spontaneity and extra in the direction of production.
The word "When you will have whatever, the full global may help you" written by means of Paulo Coelho in his publication, "The Alchemist” is supported by means of space-time energy-particles (STEPs) synchronization. it may possibly simply end up that the synchronization of STEPs is the mechanism of ways the total global can assist you.
Quotables--- “Creation trumps Spontaneity” or “The Observable Universe (OU) is to Eternity as Finite is to Infinity and Finite is to Atheist as Spiritualism is to Eternity.”

Several power Noble Prize ideas have resulted from this divine intervention and are theorized below.
1.Duality of the wave/particle inspiration mechanism.
2.Physical houses of the M theory’s eleven dimensions plus outlined shapes for alternating Calabi-Yau geometry.
3.What darkish strength (De)/ darkish subject (Dm) are, and the Correlation of Dm and De by means of De= DmC2.
4.Neutron/Proton concept for the proliferation of matter.
5.“Spooky motion at a distance” by means of synchronized space-time-energy-particles, STEPs.
6.Physical homes of the spin (twist) of subject debris and wormholes of space-time.
7.Graviton operation within the onion pores and skin zone of a STEP.
8.Eternal strength splits off forces to take place Dm, robust, susceptible, electromagnetic and gravitational forces plus the Higgs field.
9. The Holy Grail Equation of Physics, the place the everlasting strength is the same as darkish subject instances the acceleration of the cosmological consistent.
10. The Grand unique layout, G.O.D. is an entire idea of every little thing, TOE.

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