Sekisui House – The Orchards

The Orchards is Sekisui House’s latest masterplanned community located to the North West of Sydney’s CBD in the Hills Shire, NSW.

Comprising of approximately 1300 residencies and mixed use amenities designed by award winning architects Turner Studios, The Orchards will bring a new community to Sydney nestled in preserved forestry and beautifully landscaped gardens – reclaiming the home of Australia’s traditional orchard industry.

A 3-month strategic overview to detail project requirements laid the foundation and brand story for The Orchards. Toast Creative’s strategic creative theme fed into every aspect of the development and was integrated into the architect’s master plan, conceptual direction and framework.

The development incorporates leading design, innovation and technology to ensure a sustainable and premium lifestyle experience. Toast’s collaboration with interactive software company, Snepo Research has resulted in a number of deliverables that support not only the brand’s activation, but assist the sales team to access relevant and useful information for prospective buyers and sales follow ups.

The result is an inviting sales space that draws the visitor in using highly visible cues  marrying technology and nature. The visitor’s journey has been carefully designed so information is ‘collected’ as an interested buyer navigates the space, gradually building an aspirational picture of life at The Orchards. This culminates in the Immersion Room where a  7 minute brand video takes visitors on an emotional journey of a day ‘in the life’ intending to truly bring the experience of The Orchards brand alive.

The Orchards branding experience and marketing platform was presented with 3 awards at the 2018 Sydney Design Awards in the following categories:

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