The Loom Apartments

Once an industrious textiles mill, this site’s legacy is steeped in a history which could not be ignored and which forged our inspiration behind The Loom brand.

Toast commissioned internationally renowned artist Dominique Falla to create a custom art piece using her unique skills of tactile typography. Three shades of orange thread were carefully woven around hundreds of strategically placed nails to reveal the scripted typographic logo of The Loom.

The entire process was documented from start to finish by both still photography and video footage. These assets were combined with an energetic and modernist design giving an innate sense of contemporary style – captivating even the most discerning of Sydney fashionista.

This art will live on way after the dust settles and its prime location in the lobby will serve as a constant reminder of the dedication, craft and artistry that went into the design of the Loom Apartments.