Pickle (previously IpHub) is a leading provider of inbound telecommunications solutions, including 1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and phone system solutions.

IpHub reached out to Toast with the brief of building a new brand identity, strategic outlook, digital offering, and marketing strategy to elevate the brand and increase lead generation.

Through an intensive, collaborative workshop, research and interview phase, Toast developed a brand essence that speaks to the key concerns of the target audience. For cut-through in a crowded, noisy market (where distrust of the industry is rife), the ideal refreshed positioning is a brand that is straightforward, innovative, and friendly with no nasty surprises.

Toast developed a conversational, playful brand hero – Mr. Pickle, representing the new brand, Pickle. Playfully subverting a common frustration amongst the target audience – I’m in a pickle. Could somebody help me out? – Mr. Pickle is the fresh face of telecommunications systems, who guides businesses towards a phone system that suits their particular needs, while keeping a smile on their face.

Toast’s UI/UX team crafted a customer journey for users through the website that pre-empts customer’s needs, providing an intuitive sales experience. The website is a mobile-first, one-stop-shop, where users can select a phone number, choose a plan and develop a call routing journey, within only a few minutes.

The relaunch of the brand has been highly successful, with an extreme spike in new customer acquisition.