Commercial real estate agency, TGC commissioned Toast Creative to create a new brand for a boutique development in Leichhardt, in Sydney’s culturally-affluent Inner West. Comprising 123-apartments across three sites, the project required names for each of the three exotic, retreat-inspired buildings in addition to the design and delivery of a high end sales book, a brochure and brand website.

We created a high level video production to support the campaign and to push this project ahead of competing developments. The production consisted of a full day video and photography shoot at a luxurious resort-style pool which gave the campaign an edgy, high-end fashion spin while pushing the development’s quality facilities on offer.

The distinctive environmental features in the build offering green outdoor sanctuaries, specifically designed with residents’ health and psychological wellbeing in mind, are given a strong visual focus across all communications. The result is a brand in print and online that invites the prospective buyer to escape, get lost in a haven of serenity and to dream of what could be.