Fone King

Fone King is a leading phone repair and accessories retailer in Australia. The store experience is vibrant, eye catching and cutting edge in the telecommunications industry, however there was a disconnect between the bricks and mortar retail experience, and the digital experience. Toast redesigned a fully responsive website that brings the charm, fun and character of Fone King’s physical environment to digital.

Using plenty of animation, custom characters, balloons and cracked-screen visual gags, the new website replicates the cheeky retail personality the brand has become known for, continuing customers’ Fone King brand journey online.

Along with the fun of animation and fluid motion the website’s functionality features a geo-targeted store locator and a directions finder, a repair CMS management system and an e-commerce store. Importantly too, Fone King wanted to continue to be known as a source of practical and helpful information for mobile phone users so the site links to its blog as well a comprehensive repairs section featuring Facebook Message Us.

Fone King saw a 60% increase in website traffic following the rebranding and digital redesign, while general feedback has reported that consumers are finding stores more easily with the addition of geo-location, itself facilitating ease of path to purchase.

The overall results have been excellent with an additional four stores opening since the project launched taking the number of Fone King stores to 12, nationally.

The Fone King design suite was awarded with Gold at the 2018 Sydney Design Awards in the Digital – Retail & Shopping category.