DWS – 180 Queen St ‘The Bank of Ideas’

The Challenge

Opened on the 6th of May 1930, 180 Queen Street is a heritage building with a proud history of servicing Brisbane’s business community.

After acquiring the property in 2019, global asset management firm DWS engaged Toast to create a brand identity and marketing collateral that would support the building’s entire leasing program.

The modern day leasing experience was a price and convenience driven proposition, which failed to resonate widely with the city’s small business ecosystem.

Toast’s challenge was to embed the customer journey with a sense of energy and inspiration, to attract interest and commitment from a wider pool of tenants.

Our Solution

Toast looked to 180 Queen’s heritage to create an aspirational proposition for the building.

The building’s neo-classical style, reflected in its grand columns and lavish fittings, inspired the Big Idea ‘The Bank of Ideas’.

This positioning statement reflected the building’s history as a financial services HQ, whilst conveying the present-day appeal it offers to modern entrepreneurs, creators and culture-makers.

This concept was brought to life through a visual look & feel reflective of classic style and new-age creativity.

The rustic colour palette and bold typefaces are a strong statement that 180 Queen is the place for a new generation of businesses to thrive, and aligns closely with the character of the building itself.