Diversity of Dreams

All dreams deserve to be celebrated.

To recognise this, we partnered with the institution that is The Oxford Hotel, and invited its patrons to be profiled by pre-eminent artist Billy Plummer. These people were encouraged to reveal the dreams that consume them, that define them, that reveal their innermost desires.

And the results are moving.

Be they inspiring, passionate, or amusingly lighthearted, these people and their dreams are a reflection of the diversity that is so vital in nurturing a vibrant community. Exhibiting over 100 profiles of people and their hand-written dreams, the book also allowed readers to scan QR codes to view each dreamer’s video interview, adding an extra dimension of emotional resonance.

Designed to celebrate the diversity that makes our communities special, this project also aims to make a tangible difference to the lives of the people it recognises. With Lenland Property the major sponsor of the project, all proceeds were passed on to the tireless team at ACON to help them get a step closer to realising their own dreams: namely, ending HIV transmission amongst LGBTI men whilst promoting the general health of the wider LGBTI community.

ACON’s dream, as with the dreams of the community members who made the project possible, inspired us to bring this book to life and we hope that these dreams can inspire you too.