City of Ryde – ‘Ryde here, Ryde now’

The Challenge:

Seeking to address low physical and digital engagement with its target demographics, the City of Ryde Council engaged Toast to reengineer its youth brand from the ground up.

This new brand needed to position the organisation as in-touch with its audience, making them a credible player in the youth sector.

Our Solution:

Toast’s interview and workshop process identified that the young people of Ryde weren’t just seeking ‘fun’ from youth programs and initiatives.

These demographics were actively seeking opportunities to make a genuine impact, and to obtain the skills they’d need to become the leaders of not just tomorrow, but today.

The name and visual identity that Toast created,‘Ryde here, Ryde now’ puts a playful, Ryde-centric spin on the iconic CTA of ‘right here, right now’.

However, whilst inherently light-hearted in nature, this territory is also a rallying cry for young people to band together and take meaningful action – now!