Allcastle Homes – ‘Make it Home’

The Challenge

Allcastle Homes is a residential home builder specialising in high value, high quality family homes.

The project builder aims to deliver a level of service and product that exceeds industry expectations at every step of the process. However, the organisation’s previous brand identity did not reflect their aspirational vision or holistic value proposition.

Toast’s challenge was to create an uplifted brand that would help Allcastle Homes emerge as a clear builder of choice in the minds of its target audiences.

This would involve creating a new brand identity from the ground up, from logo and brand messaging to website and marketing collateral.

Our Solution

Immersion into Allcastle Homes’ organisation, including interviews with senior management and sales consultants, revealed that the builder is committed to delivering a high quality customer experience from start to finish.

These insights fuelled the Big Idea ‘Experience is Everything’. This positioning statement reflects both the supportive customer experience that the organisation delivers, and the significant industry experience that the builder has accrued over almost 30 years of operation.

From a look & feel perspective, the company’s signature blue is retained, but has been adjusted to a warmer, royal tone. The new gold highlights emphasise Allcastle Homes’ long-standing reputation for quality and prestige.

Allcastle Homes’ uplifted identity conveys the builder’s characteristics of experience, legacy and quality, while remaining modern and contemporary, and will help the organisation continue to build the dreams of Australian families.