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Designer Profile: Dominique Falla

With creativity as our backbone we always aim to leave behind a legacy with every project we deliver. One of the most important aspects to innovative campaigns and inspiring design are the specialists that we choose to partner with. Without these collaborative partnerships we could not achieve the outstanding results or maintain such a diverse portfolio of work.

A recent project marketing campaign for ‘The Loom’ apartments in Rosebery offered Toast the opportunity to commission a truly extraordinary Brisbane based tactile typographer – Dominique Falla.


Dominique is an award winning artist and art lecturer whose work has been documented in many iconic design books and showcased a number of high profile International exhibitions.


Partnering with an artist of this pedigree facilitated Toast’s vision perfectly. This subtle narrative emerged creating a campaign that would lead the way in Sydney property marketing for some time to come.

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View the ‘The Loom’ case study.