The Relic

Toast Creative’s design solution for this premium product uses the art of storytelling. The idea of The Relic was conceived using Toast Creative’s very own version of the adventures of Captain James Cook.

The pseudo-story reworks the historical events of 1770. Toast Creative tells a tale of Captain Cook and his crew ship-wrecked on a reef as a result of a heavy load of the world’s finest Shiraz. With no other option than to off-load the fine wine overboard to ensure the Endeavour will float again, Cook’s Barossa Shiraz is lost forever – until now. After many decades, the sunken relics have increased in value, rarity, and quality. And so ‘The Relic’ was born.

The brief included bottle design, labels and presentation packaging. Toast Creative investigated traditional printing techniques to give the design an authentic ‘aged’ feel. A custom, hessian bottle wrap was created to house the wine and to create a reveal when unwrapping the gift. Found inside the unassuming hessian wrap is a map referencing the wine’s surreptitious location.

Included in the custom, keepsake wine box is a document of authenticity, a rustic key, which also works as a corkscrew, and a book. Cleverly, the book continues the story telling, this time of the vineyard’s heritage and the production journey of this truly exquisite Barossa Shiraz.