Family owned & operated, Olivanica have been producing small runs of fine quality olive oil with great success. As an Australian brand of Italian oil that would be competing in a gourmet market, our aesthetic focus was not on traditional ‘Italian styled’ designs, but rather style that would reflect contemporary prestige.

Our aim was to approach the identity as a way of reflecting the outstanding quality and purity of the oil. We created custom typography for the logotype, accentuating letter forms based on perfect circles and straight lines without any unnecessary elements, and then featured the brand name in copper on a black label.

A family crest was then designed as a sub feature of the label, encompassing the history behind Olivanica and the pride of the maker, whose Italian heritage has engrained with them an appreciation for great food and premium ingredients.

And finally, before delivery, each bottle was adorned with a unique hand-written tag denoting its year of production – a reminder of its exclusivity and quality.