Through the initial stage of this project, we collaborated with everyone involved to gain as much insight into this unique project as possible. The more we discovered the more we knew this was not going to be an ordinary campaign.

Tony wanted to go out with a bang, ensuring the campaign encapsulated the lifestyle of this beachside environment. Reviewing the plans of the building and listening to Vic talk about key features of the front facade, the name ‘Ciel’, which means ‘up to the heavens’, was conceived.

The blades on the front facade resemble hands opening to welcome owners to their luxury abode. Toast then commissioned photographer Jeremy Simons and fashion stylist Ingrid Epitro to capture the imagery necessary to communicate the lifestyle vision. This shoot involved art direction with a large team for a full day generating top class assets to work into all of the marketing collateral.

We then developed a series of highly detailed CGI’s enabling the overall concept and direction to come to life. The final brochure is a refined, tactile statement piece which has had an incredibly positive response and been a key asset in helping turn and outstanding result of 80% sales in the first month. Great team work.